Sunday, August 03, 2008

Day 1

Day 1. Post 1.

Like staring at a blank page wondering what to write I dinked around with the template, settings, and sidebar for far longer than I should have. What I should have been doing was writing. I'm having a case not so much of writer's block as having things I want to say but that I shouldn't say. Or maybe that I shouldn't say in any place that can be connected back with who I am.

Obviously I haven't done a good job of hiding who I am. I've got more links to myself than anybody else. I'm as narcissistic as anybody else on the web and I make no apologies. I won't actually link TO this site though, and that's the big difference I think.

I'd like to be able/willing to write posts like I had on my blog before the crash took down my database. They were positive, upbeat, and linked to from all over the web. Then I lost the site due to corrupt database. Then I lost my back-up due to my being a moron. Now I have a blank slate over there and can't find my voice again.

Some of it is due to work being something different than it was before. Some of it is due to me being much busier than I was before, and some of it is it hurt to lose my blog. I just realized this thing doesn't appear to have a word count like I thought it did. That's unfortunate.

The page is no longer blank. The posts have started. It should be easier now.
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