Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ran today...

After an extended break due to work hours I ran again today. I had intended to run the Week 1 version of the Couch to 5k plan since it'd been many days since I last ran. I didn't have Week 1 on my ipod though when I got to the treadmill so I ran Week 2 which is where I'd left off anyway.

I won't lie. I didn't run as hard as I had the last time I ran Week 2 and that was on purpose. I'd rather run not as far than not run, and if I over-do and get an injury it'll take me out longer than if I extend my Week 2 an extra few days because of my breaking it up in two pieces because of work. I'll run it an extra day before going up to Week 3.

The injury I'm most concerned about is shin splints. I've had them before and they stink. They're why I most feel a need for a trainer of some sort to show me what I'm doing wrong. They're also why I'm so interested in the Vibram Five Finger shoes. I think I wouldn't run on my heels at all if I wore those. And I think that this is what causes the shin splints. I'm not a doctor so I cold be wrong.

Another reason I didn't overdo today while running is that I found out that on the last two days of my Denver trip that interrupted my running I was working very closely with a lady who was harboring an H1N1 sickie in her house. (Her grandson is 6 and has it so she can't be blamed for letting the little snot-factory stay there.) My thinking, and I talked to my doctor today, is that she was probably not contagious when I was working with her. I'll wait a week before hanging out with anybody I know that might have contact with kids to make sure I can't/don't come down with it and then give it to them. If I do wind up coming down with it at least I'll have gotten it over with early in the season before everybody else has it and the hospitals are full. Maybe I should host an H1N1 party like they used to do chickenpox parties (KIDDING!).
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