Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hey, I forgot to tell you...

Yesterday after kvetching about not running for so long I ran. It was a nice day, high sixties and the sun was out finally. I ran a week 2 of C25k since it'd been so long and tomorrow, if the weather permits I'll do day 1 of Week 3. I bought some compression pants today for running in the cold and you know what? They're just tights for runners. Fancy the name up all you want, they're spandex tights. I'll certainly be wearing them under something else!

Wal-mart had a sale on activewear type stuff, the moisture wicking shirts were three dollars. I bought quite a few in a variety of colors. I'm ready to run now... in short sleeves. Not great for outside, but will work fine on treadmills and in hotels. Tomorrow should be dry in the morning but overcast with a slight wind. It'll also be, if the wunderground information is correct, my coldest run to date. I'll be layering, that's for sure! I still need a jacket of some sort. All I've got right now is a sweat shirt type jacket and I think that's not what I'm after. It'll do for tomorrow though. Over my magic wicking shirt and t-shirt (which will be the second layer). I'll take a knit cap too that I won't want on the second half of the run but will want for the first 10 minutes to keep my ears warm. So looking forward to this.

When I quit smoking I looked forward to the day I could say with certainty that I had quit and was no longer "quitting." I am looking forward now, with only somewhat less anticipation to the day I can say I'm a runner and mean that I run a lot, not that I intend to run a lot. It's an important difference. I hope it sticks soon. I'm picking a stupid time to start running, but I always feel like running in fall. I did in college too. I used to run circles around the track in fall. But then winter would happen and I would stop.
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