Sunday, October 04, 2009

Yesterday's Active Resting just didn't happen

I'd talked about how the resting days weren't really sit on your butt and do nothing days in a previous post but that's not always what happens. It was certainly the plan, but I run on gravel roads, nature trails, and generally outside. Well, yesterday it was raining and when it wasn't raining it was muddy as heck as one would expect after 4 days or rain. I'm going to certainly have to make some sort of indoor alternative for those days when I'm home. In a hotel it's easy. I hop a treadmill.

While I'm on a treadmill my nike+ only kind of works, and my GPS running thing doesn't work at all. I need to find some way of tracking my running still. I predict that a pedometer is going to wind up being the optimal thing for me. While my stride length varies it doesn't vary by much. What I'm working on is varying my turnover. I want to look like the six million dollar man looks when he's running... that dates me... you kids won't know what I'm talking about... how about looking like Dash on the Incredibles. Yeah. Speedy feets is my goal.

I've started reading ChiRunning and I'm liking it. I'm not liking how often it's referring me to the $36 DVD that it really says over and over again I should watch if I want to really get what he's talking about... I'll review the book here and on my primary site as soon as I'm finished with it. Until then? I'm using youtube for ChiRunning information. It's not expensive at all... in fact it's free. I like free.
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