Friday, November 27, 2009

Running the lazy way

I was talking to some friends about running this morning over breakfast (And to work off this breakfast according to my math I’m going to have to run to Venus and back carrying my car.) and I said what sounded funny to them. They’d suggested I join the local YMCA since they have an indoor track for winter running. The premise was that it would be cheaper than buying winter running gear and I wouldn’t be outside in Iowa winters. My response was. “I’m lazy. I want it to be easy to run. If I have to go somewhere to do it I won’t.”

3110581881_89d97f7173_m The part where I said I was lazy and didn’t want to go somewhere when I drive to both my favorite places to run was not lost on them. But the thing is when I get there I step out of my car and start running (Start warming up actually, but you know what I mean) and don’t have to DO anything. I drive. I run. I drive home. At a gym there would be the locker and all that other garbage, maybe a desk or checking in and what if there are a lot of other people there? Ugh. Too much work. It’d be easier to stay in bed.

So I will continue to run outside for now while the ice forms on things and the temperature drops and my gloves are replaced with mittens and my coats get thicker and more layered. Eventually I’ll wind up on a treadmill I’m sure. I’m equally sure I’ll hurt the next day from it. But I’ll be putting it off as long as possible.

I like running outside and not having to deal with any hassles other than the hassle of putting the miles behind me, and that’s not a hassle at all. I startled a deer the day before yesterday at the park and we both took off in different directions. You won’t get THAT at the YMCA except maybe in the shower and that’s not what I’m looking for really now is it?

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