Thursday, February 18, 2010

Met a marathoner yesterday.

Last night while talking to a new co-worker he asked if I was going to run the next morning and I said it was icy and I'd forgotten my YakTrax so probably not, maybe on the treadmill but I hate the treadmill. He agreed. Then said he was about to start training for a marathon, his 14th and I was like "Whhaaaaaaa?"

He's run Boston and qualified for it at his favorite marathon in Chicago. I was with the owner of the company at the time and was suddenly done talking to the owner and we two talked about running for the next few blocks to the exclusion of all else.

I can't remember now where his next marathon will be, he wants to run the Marine Corps Marathon at some point and if I can figure out where his next marathon will be maybe I'll try and get there and cheer him on. That would be very cool.
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