Saturday, June 26, 2010

100 Push Ups

I'm running but it is less thrilling than it was. Some of that is that it's summer, hot, and stormy. Seriously, there's waaaay too much rain lately. The yard's got mushrooms growing in it. The basement's got water in one corner. The ditch is full of water. The creek near the house is almost over the bridge. I'm sick of rain.

So, my running has suffered. I'm not ready to give up any fitness gains I may have made though so I'm starting, finally, the 100 Push Ups program (talked about it here). When I say I'm starting I mean I just finished the test on Day 0. I'd sent a copy of the program to a friend of mine that violated probation or is it parole? Whatever... he was out of jail and supposed to behave. One of the things he was supposed to NOT do was drink and drive without a license or insurance. Guess what? Yeah. Exactly. Great Guesser. So... I've been writing him letters. He's a good guy. A dummy for doing that, but a good guy, and I can't see that 20 years in jail or whatever is the answer here. He used to be in good shape and took care of himself and I imagine there's lots of time where he's at now and gets bored. So. I sent him a copy of the 100 Push Ups program and he started it! So, now I have an accountability exercise buddy. And he, I believe, has back fat. He said he did. I'm pretty much hoping he's kidding because really... that's pretty gross.

I'm not sure yet how I'll track this stuff. There's a logging site that I can use but I'm not sure if that's what I'll use. I might use my running log book in writing, and maybe find a way for the to track it as well. I'm a real fan of the dailymile for my running, which I'm still doing, just not as good as I was before it got so hot. If you bike, run, walk, or hike I recommend dailymile as a great online log alternative.

Anybody want to join me doing the 100 Push Ups program? It's not like you don't have time or need special equipment. No excuses people. C'mon. You can do it during commercial breaks!
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