Sunday, October 09, 2011

Today I was 17 again for a little while.

Once upon a time I went to High School in Germany and when I graduated and left I didn't think I'd ever see those people again. Not because I didn't want to, just because we were from all over the place and meeting back at our high school in a different country from where we were going to go to colleges or get jobs seemed like a really big challenge to me.

Today I got to go have lunch with a friend of mine from back then and it was awesome. Sometimes I miss the feeling of growing up in a town where you went to school with everyone around you. I wonder what that's like for you to know everyone and all the people they've dated on and on... it seems like a romantic small-town idea to me. I know people like that. I'm not like that. Seeing +Eric Coffman was full of awesome sauce. It was more special, the meeting, as he was going somewhere else we met up for lunch and a walk of the Iowa State Capitol grounds while we talked and that made it special, rare, and poignant... a fleeting connection to a past I wouldn't trade for anything.
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