Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tsoupnami strikes Macbook!

Chicken Soup for the Macbook

My power cord on the macbook finally gave up the ghost so I took it to the Genius' at the Apple Store and he said I needed a new one and he'd be happy to sell me one for $79.99. I said nyah. I'll get it at Best Buy because they didn't sell me one with a known problem and then look me in the eye and say "Probably a power surge, you're beyond warranty." So, I went to Best Buy and got it

Everything worked swimmingly... 

Then I sat down to eat my Quiznos chicken noodle soup and when I took the lid off it the cup of soup slipped from my hand and sort of bounced off the desk and slopped about a quarter cup into the keyboard in a salty tsoupname if destruction.

I leapt to my feet, yanked the new power cord, powered it off flipped it upside down and beat it against the towel laying on the sink before blow drying it and setting it, still upside down, on the hotel's fan/ac/heater in the hopes that it will work for a little while at least to get stuff off it before the salty solution destroys it.

My only words as I saw the soup spillage and started tipping soup out of the keyboard, "Well that's unfortunate."

Today it turned on and is running OK. I'm ripping things off of it onto a FAT32 partition now since my backups are all Mac backups and I'll be replacing this with a PC so I'll need to be able to get to my stuff. I don't know how long I have before the soup does me in, but I gotta get stuff off so that's what I'm doing before I turn it off and leave it off until it gets to the shop for a thorough cleaning.
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