Thursday, September 20, 2012

My book, Jump/Drive is back from the editor!

I'm going through edits and editor's comments now.

It's all very exciting but I can't imagine someone watching me would find it so. 

1) I keep wanting to say, "But I meant..." and I don't. I do what the edits say because in almost every instance so far one of my beta readers mentioned it. Not multiples. Anything more than one beta reader commented on I fixed. Lots of things one beta reader would comment on I'd fix. But some I thought, "No, that's what I meant." Not arguing anymore. Fixing. It's not a baby to defend. It's a product to be improved.

2) Seeing lines marked out/deleted and then re-reading it has, in every case created an "Ooooh, that IS tighter. Why didn't I think of that?" Love killing those excess words! (Even when I want to say, "Yes, but that was there to indicate..." See #1 above lol)

3) I'm not going to get this done in a day. I got up at 4am and I'm beat.

Thank you to  for the editing and  for the cover. You're both helping make my book better and I can't thank you enough.

You've all seen the cover right? 

Jump/Drive by Rich Griffith

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