Saturday, December 01, 2012


SuperBetter is a website I've only just found, like minutes ago.
The idea is that getting better, SUPERbetter from different things can be gamified and by making a game of the work needed to do to improve an area of your life it makes it more engaging, more fun, and less work.
There are lots of areas in which I need improvement.
I need to move more. I've been using my fitbit and it's helping somewhat when I don't let work get in the way. I used to run a LOT and then I got hurt running and stopped. I need to move more. That'll help me in measurably in several ways. It'll help my blood sugar and it'll help my cholesterol. It'll also help, I know from when I was running, that I'll feel better. I'll have more energy. I'm hoping with some gamification I'll get more involved in it.
I need to focus more on the positive and things I can control and not focus on negative things and things I can't control. That right there is a part of my depression issue that I have. I don't know if I'm clinically depressed or not. I think I just have bad days. We all do. I'm  hoping I can fix this through SuperBetter.
If you've got an area in your life that you think you could improve on give the site a look. Give it a try and if there's a way to add friends on it look me up. I'm still too new to know. :)

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