Thursday, February 07, 2013


Nineteen years and one month ago today I started working for the company that fired me this morning "at will." It's my first fire. I've always wondered how I'd take it. Turns out I took it better than the people firing me appeared to. I tried to look at him in his eyes while he was doing it but he mostly stared at the desk while I snacked on an Atkin's nutrition bar and sipped from my diet soda.

They (The CoO and owner) just don't think I was trying hard enough and wasn't giving 100%. I apologized and said I was sorry he thought so but if he asked my employees and co-workers they would be surprised at the thought of it. "My mistake," I said, "Was not making sure you knew how much I cared."
I signed the form and was, this is no lie, escorted from the building lol.

It's a good company and I don't regret my 19 years there. I guess I wish I hadn't just bought a car for the job though. DOH! Car payment yes. Income no. Something of an annoying combination hehehe. It'll sort itself out though.

Still kind of numb from it.
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