Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Too much?

I'm in the planning stage of book 2, Hard/Drive, and am doing interviews of people for research and I'm getting ready to write it starting in April. My original idea for the story had two parts, and the more I think about it the A & the B story lines don't fit well together and they're both kind of big. I think I'm going to have to break my idea(s) into two books which is cool.

It means I'll have a working idea that I've done some thinking about and research on for book 3 that I can foreshadow in Hard/Drive. I like that idea. I'm finding seeds of Hard/Drive as I read Jump/Drive again to get things about the characters down in my notebook so I don't contradict myself in book 2. I'm not a fan of continuity errors in TV shows and don't imagine I'd like it any better in one of my books.

Who knew I'd have to re-read my book to know what happened or what color someone's hair is? I wrote the thing! How would I forget? Surprisingly, to me at least, I did.
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