Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shit in my ice-cream

In the superset of arsehole there is a subset that is a racist and another that is a sexist. But they're BOTH arseholes. I'm not a fan of saying, "He's a great guy except he is a flaming racist..." That's not great guy. That's arsehole. Maybe not to you but you're white so why would he be?
"Oh, I'm a guy. Mostly it's going to be guys going out tonight. Let's call up people in my SEXIST circle since there won't be any women going with so it won't really come up. We can't call anyone in my RACIST circle though because a couple of my friends are, well, one is from Kenya and another's from India."
Nobody does that... do they?

I swear I'm not saying this stuff to be provocative. I sincerely don't get why someone who is a decent person cares what flavor arsehole someone is they're choosing to hang around. Associating with arseholes gets a little on you by association doesn't it? So being picky about what flavor arsehole implies that certain types of it are okay. You won't hang with racists but will with sexists? Obviously you think sexism is okay... or at least more okay than racism. No. They're all arseholes. Period.

If there's shit in my ice cream I don't care to know if it's bat-shit, cat-shit, dog-shit, or people-shit. I'm not eating it.

If someone's an arsehole I'm not going to sort out if they're racist, sexist, whateverist. I'm not going to hang out with them.

They're the shit I don't need in the ice cream of my life.

(Much of this was originally posted in a comment I made on Google+ but I liked it and I mean it and I wanted to be able to find it later so it's going here as well. Also, I used "arsehole" 9 times in this post (including this one) and that's the most ever.)
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