Sunday, September 01, 2013

2013 Finalist...

My book Jump/Drive, a YA adventure that deals with deeper issues relating to sexual abuse in the backdrop of a natural disaster in a small town is a finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Rewards. Now THAT is a long sentence isn't it!

I got off work last night around 11PM and found the notification that I'm a finalist, me and four others, for winner of the Best Indie Book of 2013 by Obviously any idea of sleep went right out the window, car window as I still had to drive home... singing... and grinning like an idiot.

If you've read my book thank you. If you haven't and want to shoot me an e-mail. I'll bet I have a spare digital copy in kindle format I can share with you if you want. While I'd appreciate a review, an honest review so I can get better in the next book, I can't do more than ask for one. I'm asking. :) I'd love reviews.

October is when my book was released on amazon and in the past year it's been seen by a lot of eyes. I've had good reviews, luke-warm reviews (One guy didn't like that there was swearing in it) and the threat of what sounded like a bad review... that one hasn't materialized yet but I'm curious to see what he didn't like about it... unless it was all of it. That he can keep to himself.

In my sentence synopsis I said it "deals with deeper issues relating to sexual abuse in the backdrop of..." I'm not in love with that preposition. I don't think it's the right one even now. The important part of the book, and one that one of my reviewers on Amazon commented on was that there are two stories here. Just like a movie set in World War Two can be said to be about World War Two but not something you'd find in history books, I attempted to set this book in the setting of something bigger, something visible and interesting. So, while the book is about the natural disaster and what caused it and what happens next there is another story line about friends talking about something serious that happened a long time ago (in their lives it seems like a long time to them) and how they dealt, and deal with it then and now. That story is at least as important as the first one. I have a feeling if the book were made into a movie that story would be cut out.

I'm rambling. It's because I'm excited and look forward to seeing how this all turns out in October. To pass the time I'm going to read the other four finalists to see what I'm up against. Why don't you do the same? Check out the full list over on The Kindle Book Review site and grab a couple of them. Maybe mine if you haven't yet & don't want to e-mail me to ask for a copy? (Their links to the books are, I believe, like my first Jump/Drive link in this post, affiliate links. I say that not as a snark or anything, just letting you know. If you click those links you'll be supporting the site that's hosting the link. I appreciate any purchases made on Amazon after clicking one of my affiliate links as it helps me out & costs you no more than if you'd typed in the URL yourself. Times are tough lol. Ever nickel of amazon affiliate money helps keep me in reading material lol.)
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