Sunday, February 09, 2014

Winter can stop now

It's been a long winter here in Central Iowa. We haven't gotten much snow where I am and that's a mixed thing. I hate the stuff, but it's water and we need a snow pack to melt and raise the water levels in the soil here. We came into Winter with a water debt and we're going to leave it that way too.

The cold this year is really mind numbing as well as extremity numbing. I've said cabin fever isn't a problem in my small house because I can always go outside but this year going outside isn't something anybody does on purpose for any length of time. It's noon right now and is 4°F before wind is factored in. With the wind it's -12°F. It hurts to be in it.

It's definitely not helping my state of mind. I could really use some better weather. It doesn't even have to be Florida or Texas warm, just not polar cold.

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