Sunday, January 18, 2015

One hundred days...

Today is a milestone of sorts. I have logged into MyFitnessPal for almost a hundred days in a row (92, that's close to a hundred, right?) and I've gone a hundred days in a row with no cigarettes. I've gotten a couple new pairs of pants that fit me at my new weight so I won't hear that my pants are too baggy any more and it was warm enough today to go for a walk outside without dressing like the kid from A Christmas Story. So far this has been a good year.

The pants I got were from amazon and I suck at buying clothes online because I like to see how they fit before I buy them. I like to see the color and hold them, feel the material, see if they're right. Well, these fit great and the color's good for work. The material feels like a cross between sail cloth and sacking though. I'm not in love with how it feels on my skin and that's after washing them with fabric softener and using dryer sheets too.

They're Dickies and they fit well and they look good. I'm not a super fan of the material, but I think they'll get more comfortable as they get broken in. So, yeah... lots of good healthy things happening in the past hundred days. I'm looking forward to keeping it up.

Also been working on my brain and have been spending a lot of time at I really recommend it. It's a lot of fun.
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