Friday, April 03, 2015

Angst & writing book #2

Once upon a time it was a dark and stormy night and I wrote a book. You can't tell from this cover but Jump/Drive, my book, won an award even from for best YA from a new author in 2013 which I find pretty cool.

I have been very lucky and found quite a few very kind people who have enjoyed my book and the reviews are pretty nice as well, especially when they're from people I don't know. *grin* Hey, if you've read it and haven't reviewed it yet feel free to go drop me a few stars, the more the merrier, over on amazon why don't you? lol

I've started a second book with the same protagonists, Caleb, John, and Devon back in the town they'd lived in their whole lives. It was, and is, a sort of modern day Hardy Boys, a Scooby Doo & the Gang with a smaller cast and less Scooby & more gang... I've started that second book three different times three different ways, they're around here somewhere on a google drive, or dropbox, but the problem is as I write it all I can think about is this book and how well it did for me. Now, it didn't do Stephen King well for me. It didn't sell enough for me to buy a car, but it has garnered me some royalty payments from more than one country and that's fun right? But all I can think is what if book two isn't as good as the first book? Then I freeze and the words dry up and I can't do anything. Caleb and John sit around in the Prius just looking at each other wondering what to do next. Devon sits at the ice cream shop eating a banana split waiting for a call to come that never does. Adrian... well, he's not really in any of the other books so much. He's alive out there, just not necessary in future stories really.

So, I've decided, after being asked yet again, when the next book is coming out, that I can't handle it lol. That sounds funny because I should just shut up and write the next book. I'm not good at that though. I need to do something else. I need to write some other story, some other different story to sort of free myself up to revisit those characters that people really connected with. I'm a little scared to visit them so soon after the minor success, major for me as a new author, but in the scheme of things not really all that great.

So, I'm going to write another book, I've been going to write another book for a while. Now I know it's not going to be in the same series as the first book. It'll be new, no pressure that way, no expectations. Same target audience. It'll be Young Adult with male protagonists, no love triangle, no vampires, but maybe a little urban fantasy just because fantasy is cool right? I like to read it, and well... it's different from the first one and I need that right now.
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