Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Don't Laugh...

Sometimes people I like will surprise me and say something or do something that makes me think, "Oh man... do they think I'll like that?"

Somebody sends me an Obama joke, I'll laugh at Obama jokes. He's president. I don't like stuff presidents do... I open it and it's not a president joke. It's racist. I don't mean mildly racist. I mean the punch line is that he's black or mixed or... that's it. That's the punch line. Um. That's not funny. The part where they THINK it's funny, or derogatory makes me sad for them. Here's the thing. And it's not news to anybody. Our. President. Is. Black. So, as a punchline it kind of sucks. I know. He knows. Everybody knows. The thing about a punchline is it's unexpected. It's a surprise. "Two guys walk into a bar; the third guy ducks." THAT'S funny. It's unexpected. It's a play on the word bar. "Obama is half black and half white..." Um, not funny. Stop thinking I'll think it's funny.

Grown ups falling is funny. Kids fall and it's like "EEP!" *thud* and it's over. They fall so fast. They're only like >< that far from the ground anyway. No time to react. Adults though? We pinwheel our arms, we stagger around, we have lots of time to make amazing faces and noises. It's great. Unless they get hurt. Then it's not funny. Then they're hurt. That's not funny. Somebody getting hurt isn't all that funny to me, especially if it's somebody I know. Even if I don't like 'em I don't wish them ill. I don't want people to be hurt. Well, most people. You know who you are. :P

I'll leave you with this found over on reddit's long page of offensive jokes, many of which I found funny.

A girl in a bar said to me, "I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last person alive." Leaning over and whispering, I replied, "But who would be around to stop me?" Wiped the smug look right off her face.

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