Tuesday, May 09, 2017

1st run of the season

Ran today for real. Not just walking or mostly walking I don't think. Maybe by time, but distance I think was more running. I'm not sure.

It's nice to put on the shoes and be able to do a little running again. Yes, it was only two miles. Yes, I know it took almost half an hour. Like I said, there was some walking in there but it was my first run of the season so I'm okay with it. If I can get back into doing it as a habit it'll improve. If I can't get it turned into a habit then you're going to see lots of these little runs where I feel super motivated for a little while and then a long period of silence about running. I'm hoping that's not what happens.

No, it wasn't a great run but statistically, odds are, it's better than most of the people I know online or off so I'll take it, and, like I said, if I can get back in the groove of things it's just the beginning.

Oh, the picture's unrelated. I just stopped to take a picture of a bee.

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