Thursday, August 07, 2008

Day 5: Mythbusters

Here's to hoping you're a fan of Mythbusters.
I'm watching it right now on hotel-tv. I don't know/remember if I get the Discovery channel at home. I think I do, but my TV listing at home is a little esoteric, and completely not written down.
I said on my twitter page last night that House was my favorite show on TV. My mom brought up Bones. I really like that show too.
I guess if I had to think about it I'd say that House, Bones, and Mythbusters are my favorite shows. If I got to pick two more shows I'd say Spongebob and American Idol.
(Why can't I find a Dunkin Donuts near me? I know... because I don't live on the East Coast. I don't think it's worth it... but it's a close call. The coffee there is great. It's what I most miss about Rhode Island and working there every six weeks or so.
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