Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 6: Off to the Races!

Tonight was race night at the Ft. Dodge Mineral City Raceway and it was kids night at the races. There was a sponsor, some insurance company, asking for all your contact information for a chance to win a cooler of sodas (Yeah right, that's a fair trade, just bury me in junk mail and unsolicited phone calls for a chance to win something? I don't think that's a fair trade. Thank you though!). Also there was the Children's Miracle Network collecting donations to help with that.

I'm a fan of the CMN because of what they've done for ppl I know. I'm a fan of the hospital in Memphis that helps kids too. St. Jude's hospital I think it is. Kids are freaking fragile and sometimes they get off to a really crappy start and need all the help they can to make a good go of it. God bless these hospitals and the doctors and nurses for helping the families of those kids when the other shoe hits the fan because I know it must be heart-breaking to see these kids day after day who have drawn the short straw in some way. I'm also sure it must be incredibly rewarding when they're able to make a difference and save one or help them. But God it'd hurt when you couldn't. I'm a coward. For me the loss would be too much. I couldn't do it. It'd be too hard.

That being said. Tonight Brad won at the races. He won the heat, which I've seen him do a couple times. Then he won the race itself after qualifying. That's not something I've seen. This was the deal breaker race for me. If he'd lost tonight with me there I was going to self-banish myself because he's won or placed (mostly won) every race I didn't go see, and come in third or worse in every race I'd been to, regardless of how well he did in the qualifying race. I was feeling very much like a jinx. Tonight the power of the 8/8/8 was stronger than my jinx so he won. I'll be gone next week which means he should win, making these the first two races race wins he's had this year... I blame my curse.
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