Saturday, September 19, 2009


I need a way to track my progress and I'm not sure what I want to track truth be told.

I like the graphs from Nike+ but the gadget is a pain since I don't have the right shoes, and I'm not a hundred percent it's as accurate as I'd like it to be. A pedometer would be good if I ran and walked with the same stride length.

This chart came from Nike+ and I like it a lot. In fact I like the whole site. I wish it weren't so flash heavy because everything I click means I wind up waiting for the next page to load. That's not very smooth operating really. But it's information dense and has nice running training programs, a place for goals, etc.

I'm a fan... now if I can find something similar... and a way to track the stuff. Oh, and those podcasts for Couch to 5k are really really useful. If you're even considering doing the program I can't imagine doing it without the podcasts.

Today was my first day of week two which extended the length of time I'm running by 50% but cut the intervals. (It's run a while, walk a while just like my grampa said to do when I was little... "if you get tired of running, walk; if you get tired of walking, run.") I gotta say... I felt it. glad I didn't skip ahead. Working hard to keep on the program so I don't mess things up and quit due to injury.
Any suggestions for tracking distance, time, anything on running?
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