Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day after soreness

So, the first week of Couch to 5k I didn't experience any soreness after running, just after walking on a down day... that was when I found I was stepping out too far, increasing the length of my stride and driving my heel down into the ground. My shins didn't love that at all.

This week though, week two with the increased run times (increased by 50% from previous week) I'm noticing soreness the next day in my calves. It's not a bad soreness, just an awareness of the muscle. It makes the importance of the rest day between runs more obvious though. The resting isn't sitting in an easy chair with my feet up though, and that was something I learned from running websites. Resting is just a different type of exercise, walking, biking, something that isn't running... and isn't as hard as the running. It's still a time for the muscles to recover, but not to recover by going comatose while I watch a football game and binge on carbohydrates.

So, today my calves are a little sore, and weirdly enough my left knee for the first time. This is the first of two rest days that I moved from the weekend to here due to work travel. If I'm unable to hit a treadmill or a track in Denver this week I may do some, don't laugh, Leslie Sansone work out in my hotel room. She's got a 4 mile thing that I could do on the run day. It wouldn't be as intense as a run, but it'd be longer and endurance is good... just need to keep up the working out so I stay fit and as close to on plan as the job and real life will allow.

For tonight's active rest I think I'll hit the bike at the hotel and read some on the kindle.
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