Monday, September 14, 2009

Treadmill running

Today was my first attempt at running the Couch to 5k podcast on a treadmill. I didn't cover the same distance I covered in real life on the dirt road day before yesterday. I wasn't sure how high to turn things up, I wasn't sure how low to go on the walking. It was good in that I got a sweat going and got my heart rate up. So it was good exercise, and good time running, but it wasn't good for distance.

According to Kristin in her Greatest Running Tips post though beginning runners should run for time and not distance anyway right? Right. DOH! As I went to Kristin's site to make sure I was attributing her properly I realized she was quoting from an original article over at Women's Health. Great... I'm following Women's Health articles now?!? Next I'll be running with a pink sweatband! ARGH. Women's/Men's doesn't matter. It's good advice. Go check the source article out.

OK. Today's run I was a little tentative about because I had what felt like maybe the onset of shin splints yesterday after my walk. As I thought about it... my running form is, I think, better than my walking form. I tend to dig my heel into the ground as I over-extend my stride to walk faster. When I run I take smaller steps and keep my feet under me. I don't do that when I walk briskly. I need to watch my walking. I tried to watch it today on the treadmill, but that's such an artificial way of walking -- having the ground moving under me rather than me moving over the ground... I just don't like it. But, it's better than not running/walking right? Right.

While I was running I noticed slight cramping in my calves, probably from trying too hard to run on with a midfoot/toe strike instead of heel strike, which I find much easier to do (heel strike easier I mean) on a the treadmill. I didn't stop for the cramping though. I tried to modify my stride so as not to be so tippy toe feeling and ran through the cramp. Ugh. Not a fan of the treadmill. I need to run on it I though because come winter time it's about all I'll have.

So, that's day two of running for the Couch to 5k plan and so far so good. Now I need a shower.
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