Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How far am I going? No clue.

I've run on a treadmill and I've run with pedometers and I've run with the nike+ thing for the ipod. All of those things tell me how far I've run. So far none of them have agreed with each other.

The treadmill I would think would be the most accurate, but how would I know? It doesn't have a monthly service where they come down and calibrate the damned thing.

The pedometer? That is set for my casual walking stride. I've already talked about how my brisk walking stride is altered and obviously my running stride is going to be different as well.

The Nike+ thing that syncs up with the ipod nano? I have no faith in it at all. It's too iffy and I haven't calibrated it to either stride length yet. What I like about it is that it syncs automagically with the internet whenever I sync it up with my computer. That's very cool. If only I trusted it.

Glad today is an "off" day. Did lots of painting outside in the humidity and am exhausted! I suspect once I ran though I'd feel better. So far that's how it's been working.
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