Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cold Running

I ran in snow flurries yesterday morning. It was Week 6, Day 2 which meant, I think it was 5 minute running then 8 minutes running then 5 minutes running. I might be wrong, but I think tomorrow's run is my Week 6 long run of 25 minutes. That'll be my longest run yet. It'll be a morning run and it'll be cold... probably my coldest yet.

I was talking over on Ruzuku about management and how it's fun, but it's not always fun while I'm in the thick of it and I compared it to running. When I run and am tired and my legs feel heavy and don't want to move and my breathing is ragged it's not exactly fun right at that moment. But that's temporary. It's not permanent and afterwards, even shortly afterwards it's fun to have done it.

So, tomorrows long run is going to be, I hope, 5k in length just the running part. I'll turn on the Nike+ for the warmup and cool down but I'm going to use the GPS only for the running part to see how far I can run in 25 minutes. I'll be doing it at Kennedy Park which is mostly flat. I keep struggling with wanting to buy a heartrate monitor and wanting to buy a Garmin Forerunner 305. I can't justify the expense and maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas if I wait. And am I good enough to need a heartrate monitor yet? Is it something that will make me better or is it just another gadget purchase I'm trying to justify?

(I just checked. Tomorrow is Day 2 of Week 6 so it's not the long run... it's two ten minute runs. That's inconvenient. That puts my long run on a Tuesday. Ugh. May have to fiddle with things a bit here.)
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