Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 5, Day 3 -- whew

OK. Today was a 20 minute run. That isn't a lot really... but the thing is, when I started running six, seven weeks ago. I couldn't have run 20 minutes in a row at any speed. I was out of shape. My endurance was poop, and well, I was just no good at it.

I've talked to real runners and they run marathons and they're very polite when I talk about how I want to run a 5k and I haven't yet... am not even sure I could run the entire race without stopping to walk a minute or two. I know. It's only 3 miles... but when I started I couldn't run at all without running out of air.

So, I'm no Steve Prefontaine, but I'm in better shape now than I was when I started. I didn't start running to lose weight or get in shape or work on my cholesterol or diabetes (which I don't have) or any of that. I started running because I like running. You'd think I would be better at something I say I enjoy. I feel silly pretending to be a runner when I haven't yet run a race and seriously, when I DO run my first race my goal will be to finish. That's a pretty pathetic goal actually.

Ugh, I'm starting to feel like maybe I should quit talking about the running thing, not because nobody reads it. I'm OK with that... it's the part where I feel like I'm talking about something really really sad. It's like cheering that I ate a cracker without having to pause for a few minutes to rest up. I haven't really accomplished all that much in the scheme of things. I'll temper my excitement for a while.

In the software department... I'm liking Cardio Trainer for the android. I wish it gave as much information as the great stuff over at Bones In Motion. I look forward to them coming out with an android app soon. (Not that I've heard they would. I just hope they will.)
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