Thursday, January 07, 2010

Leslie Sansone's Walking DVDs

Today was a blizzard. I was supposed to run four miles today but it just wasn't happening. Not only was it not happening outside due to the 30+mph wind and snow and ice... it wasn't happening in a gym because that's 10 miles away. You see now the flaw in my plan of getting a gym membership when the weather's too bad to go outside... sometimes it will be too bad to get to the gym!

But I prepared for that. I bought some Leslie Sansone walking inside DVDs. Now they're not running. They don't pretend to be. Honestly, if I ran in the house I'd tear the place apart. I'm too big to be running inside. I can walk inside though and I did today for an hour. It's more than just walking... it's pretty athletic walking to tell the truth. I got a good cardio hour in. I got my heartrate up and I got a little bit of a schwitz going. Now, I wasn't dripping with sweat, and I didn't sweat like I would if I'd run four miles outside or on a treadmill, but it was a good workout that burned calories, gave me good cardio, and got me up off the (drum roll) COUCH OF DOOM!!!! (thunder and lightning now.)

So, if there's a chance you'll bail on a workout because you can't get to a gym grab one of her walking DVDs. I got the four hour one because it's an hour long and that's what I thought was a good at home work out time frame and it was.
She's super positive and upbeat and not at all annoying to listen to. Some fitness people irritate me after I've listened to them for too long. I've done this DVD a couple times and she doesn't make me crazy. Honestly, I think I'd kind of like to meet her in person.

Short post because it's the second today, but I wanted to mention the DVD in case you were considering an in-home cardio option and didn't know what to think about these. Target has a decent selection of them as well if you don't like my omnipresent amazon links.
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