Saturday, January 23, 2010

And I could run 500 miles just to be the one....

Today I ran five miles on the dreadmill and that was good. My legs are a little sore tonight… I’m wearing my Zensah compression sleeves on the calves and that’s helping. I've only got the one pair and I'm going to have to get a second pair so that I can have a clean one in reserve while wearing the other pair.

Tonight I’m in a hotel, same hotel for the next week. It’s an extended stay hotel, weekly rate and all that, almost a mini apartment. I need to find where the nearest gym is. Not just ANY gym…. Snapfitness gym to be exact.

I’ve been pretty good at attending the gym lately and that’s presently surprising to me. At the gym there are five normal treadmills. They're the cheap ones that aren't super fantastic to run on really. There's one that's great for running. It's got a thicker tread and is a lot more comfortable for running long distances and times on. Today I got to run on it and that's nice. I try and do most of my long runs on the dreadmill on this one.

What I find irritating is when someone is on the running dreadmill walking, not just walking, but walking and holding onto the hand holds, not even swinging their arms. They don't need the really good one. They could use the cheap one... but do they? No, not really. They just waddle around on the only good one for running. The writing on the thing says "long runs" right on it... and there they plod along. It's a right under talking on the cell phone for annoying.

To celebrate my longest distance to date I re-joined Netflix. Not because I expect to be home to get the DVDs when they show up. I don't. But because I want to use their unlimited streaming option. I rented a movie at Blockbuster last night (Superbad -- liked it a lot) and it was five dollars... seriously? Five dollars? It's only 3.99 more to have unlimited streaming rentals and all the DVDs I want one at a time from Netflix. Yeah... Blockbuster lost my business due to ridiculous pricing structure. I suppose someone will miss them when they're gone, but it won't be me. Five dollars to rent a DVD (And don't tell me I have it for a week... I didn't WANT it for a week. I wanted it for a night. It's like going to buy a tire for a car and they sell you the tire for $25,000 and when you complain they say, "Yes, but there's a whole car attached to the tire!" I don't WANT a week or a car... I wanted one night... and a tire. lol)
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