Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off days…

I’ve talked about intentions of things I intended to do on my off days. I’ve talked about cross training and yoga and spinning and biking. I’ve talked about the 100 push-ups program and I’ve talked about all sorts of things that I intend to do on my non-running days.

The thing is… I’ve been running consistently and that’s it. My off days from running are made up of either nothing or some biking at the gym. I just don’t DO the other stuff. I need to. I know I do. I somewhat want to… but not enough to actually DO it. This is where discipline comes in and I’m short on it.

A big part of me says that I’m doing the running I love, and that’s more than I was doing before and I’m getting better and faster and longer and I’m doing good so why mess up a good thing?

But everything I read says to do the stuff I keep talking about intending to do. I have a jump rope and intended to use it here at the hotel but I found almost right away that it’s too short of a room. I keep hitting the ceiling with the rope and that’s no good.
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