Friday, March 26, 2010

I might be "that" guy.

Yesterday while running wearing my hoodie it occurred to me that soon I wouldn't need it. The weather was warming up and I'd be down to shorts and a technical shirt. My first thought after that was "Where will I put my iPod?"

I can't strap it to my left arm. That's where my GoWear fit  by BodyMedia goes, and my wrist has my Garmin 305 on it. My front right pocket has my phone with GPS running to map my path. If I strap another thing on my other arm, my iPod for instance, I'll be practically bionic. But without a pocket I don't know where else I'd put it. I'm afraid Chris' accusation that running was just another way to get more gadgets may be right after all. As much as I was irritated by the Nike+ thing when it would lock up and show my 4 mile run as .2 miles over 55 minutes I keep toying with the idea of putting it back on because I like the community features of it.

I'm going to use and hope that the community, goals etc. in there are comparable and scratch the itch. But there's no really easy way to get the data in there. It means typing it in again. I already have to enter my miles into GoWagon, SparkPeople, and my paper running journal. I'm getting tired of doing that. There's a lot of running tracker sites out there, and I enjoy the choices. I just wish there were one I liked as much as I liked the Nike+ site. You'll notice I'm not linking to it... it's because I can't recommend it because of the faulty uploads and there's no solution to it. I just kept losing runs and you can't manually enter them.

Hey, in case you missed it. is the site that I think has the most potential for keeping me. I need to play with it some more, but it looks more fun than the one I've been primarily using (GoWagon) which is a little more serious feeling, and less fun.
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