Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dog owners who shouldn’t…

Today I ran out on the nature trail in Ft. Dodge and it was really nice out. The wind wasn’t too bad and the temperature was almost perfect. 44 degrees F.

I passed two ladies out walking their dogs, big dogs relative to the size of the ladies. Big enough that when the dog decided to go after another dog, on a leash, it dragged the lady across the trail with it. She managed to finally get the dog away from the other dog, who as a purse dog and on a leash and MUCH smaller… and then she beat the hell out of it with her fists. Oh great.

Next, a walker was walking towards them and this dog dragged her to the walker and then jumped up on him, chest high when jumped up and she finally pulled him off the walker, who now wore doggy paw prints on his shirt, and then proceeded to kick the dog who didn’t seem to mind at all. With a sigh, I announced I was about to pass on the left and the lady with the other dog, who really had been well behaved, went left as well. "I’m not getting between the two dogs, mind if I go to the left?" She moved right and let me pass. I didn’t get eaten or mauled.

As I ran I saw a runner running with his very friendly and well behaved dog and I told him about the ladies he was heading towards, he turned and ran the other direction to avoid meeting them. He didn’t have a leash for his dog. Granted his dog was well behaved and didn’t need a leash, but he probably would have had they met dogs nose to nose. His turning back was her fault and she’s a crappy dog owner.

I don’t think that if you can’t control your dog out in public that you should take your dog out in public. Seriously. The owner and dog both need classes. She shouldn’t have beat and kicked that dog like that. The dog was excitable and not mean yet but she couldn’t stop him from getting all over people and other dogs. And beating the dog like that is just awful.
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