Saturday, April 17, 2010

Run for Ronald 2010

I'm going to talk about this a couple times for two reasons. 1) It's my first race and 2) It's for a charity I think is kinda cool.

I found the Run for Ronald 2010 race on a great site for finding events to participate in near you. They have running, biking, swimming, and other type events you can find near where you are or where you want to search. Registration is free and it's a great site. I highly recommend if you're interested in finding races of any length.

On May 15th, at 8am I intend to be lining up near Kiwanis Field in Des Moines, IA to run my first 5k. My goal is, to be honest, finish it. My secondary goal is to finish it in under half an hour. But I'm not trying to put a lot of pressure on myself. I just want my first bib and official finish time. One of the things I've heard about runners is that the difference between runners and joggers is the race. I get that it's a race against myself and my PR (Personal Record).

So. A friend of mine has stayed at a Ronald McDonald House before because their son needed medical help far from home and well, hotels can get spendy if you're there for a while. The Ronald McDonald House provides housing for people who have kids in the hospital. I think that's a great reason to raise money so that's my first race.
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