Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wow! Been a while

How'd so much time go by so fast? I say fast, but if you'd been living it with me it'd be so incredibly slow. Personally there's some stuff going on that's kind of messing things up in my life and all that. It's super frustrating how little control I have over all this stuff and yet it affects me profoundly. Through it I've managed to keep running. Not like I've wanted to and not with the focus I should be running. It's not that I'm not still enjoying the running. God knows I need the time out there running to clear my head of the cruft from real life. The problem has been eating. It's hard to run when there's no food in you. I've lost a bit of weight from the past few weeks. On the one hand that's nice because there's less of me to carry around out there while I'm running. On the other hand it's hard to have decent energy when there's not much food going in, and sleep's been a complete wreck. Not a recipe for great running readiness is all I'm saying.

I'm still intending to race on the 15th. My training has slipped. It's not what it should have been. I know. It's only a 5k, but it's my first 5k on the ground and not on the treadmill in weather,  (Mostly sunny, high of 73 is the prediction so far but that's a week from now) My best friend won't be able to be there to watch me cross the finish line. He told me he wanted to go, but wasn't going to be able to go, our schedules didn't line up so it'll be just me out there. That makes me sad, but the part where I know he'd have gone if he could have, that means a lot to me. It means everything to me.

So, just a quick post to let you know I'm still out there running, still on here posting, and still going to be racing on the 15th.
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