Saturday, July 16, 2011

...aaaaand I'm back.

I got to go help set up a new store recently and meet the new manager and assistant-manager. That was a lot of fun. The work was perfectly paced. The stuff would show up on either FedEx Freight or UPS or whatever and they'd drop off a days worth of work and we'd finish up and the next day we'd have just enough time before the next delivery to get things ready for it. Seriously, I couldn't have timed that part any better. It was one of the smoothest from a delivery point of view that I've done, and I've done a few.
I got a lot of blog food while I was there. I'll leave some of the notes here in this post and flesh them out more later. Some will be on and some will be here.

  • "It's good that she had a weak assistant manager. She didn't have to worry about her job that way. I've told her more than once, never hire an employee better than you." That's a direct quote from an employee talking about their manager. (Not present here, but I know them.)
  • "What do you want to get done today?" "I don't know." "Then how will you know if you're a success or not at the end of the day?"
  • "You know that feeling you're feeling right now? At this minute? One day you're going to make one of  your employees feel like you feel right now and you're going to remember me saying this but it'll be too late. As soon as you realize it try like hell to fix it. You don't like feeling this way and neither will they." (This was about a payroll error that was being fixed but the employee was stressing about it in the meantime.)
  • "But Rich, I've been waiting for it for 2 days!" "You should have told me! I'll get it." "How?" "I'll ask them to send it to me and they will." "Whatever." (They did... in 10 minutes.)
  • "Bossman. Am I as grumpy and negative as Mongo is?" "Sometimes." "I'm sorry. They're impossible to be around. It's exhausting! I'll be much less grumpy from now on!" "You sure?" "I'm positive!"
Those are the quick things I jotted down memory minders to remind me to blog about. I wanted to get them here so I'd remember them and to make myself accountable and help remind me not to back-burner them!
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