Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google+ and me

I’m not sure what to do with this place. I’ve got posts out there. I’ve got them here and on my main blog and there are readers both places but Google+, somewhere I haven’t been more than  months I don’t think I have more readers and more interaction already than on both of my blogs combined.

I like the idea of my own blog, but the reality is I like interaction and readers and I have a LOT more of those, engaged readers, on Google+ than I have on either blog.

It’s the engagement of the readers that’s attracting me. Granted, I’m pretty careful about who I circle, and while over 2k people follow me I don’t follow that many at all. I’m just over 300 that I read, but I add more all the time, and sometimes remove people. There’s such a feeling of community, of conversation, of participation on Google+ I find I’ve spent far more time there than here.

I need to figure out what’s going to happen next obviously. Mirroring or merely importing those posts to here is a possibility but it seems like it’s diluting things. If you’re on Google+look me up. If you’re not… the conversation there is absolutely incredible.

In truth I'll probably mirror things here for a while. I predict there will be a thing at some point that means content posted here will show up over there in a stream of some sort. I'm not sure how it'll work or if it'll be google created or a third-party plugin. I look for that time to come.

In the meantime I'm going to bring something over here that I posted over there. It's sort of long, but I think I'm going to talk more about it over here... It's easier to have a series of posts over here than over there. The stream, the way it works, sweeps things away pretty quickly. Blogs are going to be better for serial posts I think than G+. But WOW at the interaction and back-and-forth comments etc. over there compared to either of my blogs. Unbelievable.
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