Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There’s a new hero in Gotham…

DC Universe went free to play recently so I decided I could afford that. Free to play also means, in case you were wondering, free to download as well. Now, it’s a big game so be prepared to wait for it. Then once I got it (through Steam) and signed in there was another 3 Gig patch to get. Short description and screen shots follow. If you click the pictures I believe they’ll embiggen (Get larger.)

INTCHARLIGHTRIG_NEUT-PC-23-21.56.320Character creation was pretty easy but I, and I’m not kidding here, I wasn’t real sure what I was doing. Fortunately most Massively Multiplayer Online Games (I’m leaving off the alleged “Role Playing” that people include in the name because honestly… it’s rarely included when they play.) the first few characters are typically throw away you don’t get too attached to as you figure things out. So, I went with a Batman/Robin type. Character. Here you can see me standing on the seal inside the Gotham City Police Department.

MGOT101_SKYBOX-PC-23-21.07.000Since I was in Gotham I of course had to go and find the place where Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. Here’s the fun part. I didn’t know there was a tour that would take me here. I found it by exploring. One of the great and horrible parts of MMOGs for me is my propensity to explore and try and find things. I found this and as soon as I saw the roses I knew what I was looking at. When I got close to them some sort of achievement or badge screen popped up but I wasn’t reading it. I was looking at the roses and feeling bad for the boy whose parents were gunned down in front of him at this very spot.

MGOT101_SKYBOX-PC-23-21.46.160They weren’t kidding when they said Gotham needed help. The place was a wreck. There were super-villain henchmen running amok and the local police weren’t able to do much about them. The Scarecrow was releasing huge barrels of his poison gas into the air causing the fine citizens of Gotham to hallucinate and act out. They weren’t themselves we had to keep reminding ourselves as we tried to merely subdue them and help the doctors administer the antidote. Guarding the specialists in the haz-mat suits as they set up giant industrial air purifiers on the roof tops was not my favorite part of the night, but as you can see here. The air absolutely needs purifying.

The light of the full moon was cutting through the smoke by the time I was done for the night. Security zeppelins were starting to help locate hot spots to call in reinforcements. I called it a night when I got to level 7 and had to run back to Gotham Police Station.  Here I am on the top of a building with a giant full moon behind me. I waited there for what felt like forever for the Zeppelin to get in the shot where I wanted it. It looks like a bug that the moon light is coming through my head but that’s not true. My eyes glow… probably with all my pent up power. Grrr…


It’s been a lot of fun so far. I already want to do these same parts again with a different character. I’m watching other people playing and seeing what they can do and I want to do it too. Yes, flying is one of those things I want to do. I’m not sure how replayable it would be long term but it was free so what do I care?

Also, I’m playing the game with an Xbox360 controller plugged into my laptop. It absolutely works well for that.

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