Friday, June 08, 2012

I think I'm going to die. (Danger: Whining!)

The longer I look at the things I can't eat the more I'm stressing over this plan. Sure, there are things I can eat... but I've never heard of some of them! And let's be serious, fruit? I love fruit! I buy cases of apples and grapefruit. OK. I buy one case each. But still! That's going to hurt. But oh joy! I can eat chickory, endive, arugala and escarole in giant heaps. WTH is an escarole(1)?!? Might as well tell me I can have all the moon rocks I can stomach!

And oatmeal? I've spent YEARS learning to like oatmeal for breakfast. I've gotten to the point where I really DO like it and will have it as a meal replacment even... or I would. It's quick and easy and I thought it was good for me. Evidently there's no way I can eat oatmeal at all on this plan. Sure, if that were all I were going to eat containing carbs for the whole day that'd be fine except I'm supposed to get 15 carbs from vegetables! That leaves me 10 carbs for oatmeal. I think that'd be about a third of a cup. 

Ugh. I should have read more before I started this stupid thing! I didn't know what I was getting into and I told myself I'd do it for two months to see how it went. I'm on day 2 and just now realizing how limited this all is. I suspect some of this is just junkie talk as my body go into some weird carb-starve mode that will result in my blood sugars and cholesterol and all that other blood stuff settling down into healthy numbers, and once I acclimate to not eating so many grains (Hell, I'm goin to be practically gluten free for induction (the first two weeks) at least) it'll be better.

I don't mean to sound whiny... I guess I do. I'm enough of a writer to know what tone I'm using when I write. It's only 2 weeks of induction then things get better and I can have  like... a piece of grape or something lol.
(1) I looked it up escarole is yet another leafy green vegetable that will not be available anywhere I shop. I can't even find kale and I've heard of that one. You're pretty much limited to spinach, lettuce, greens, and cabbage where I live. CRAP! Arugula is another of those too! 

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