Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I stopped at the library. Remember those? Big building filled with dead trees? I know, right? How retro.

I was all, "Yo! Book babes!"
And they were all "Shhhh..."
And I was all, "Oh yeah. Sorry Shawty!"
And after I was thrown out and the shift changed I went back in to look at old (2 year old) newspapers and found that they weren't on DVD or CD but were on, are you sitting down? Not in traffic? Good! They were on microfilm.

O.o (In case you're wondering, the big O is my right eye opened wide, eyebrow raised, and the little o is my normal eyeball... like I'm confused, surprised, looking for clarification... get it? O.o )

I stared at her and then at the machine and poked it twice with an index finger before picking up a nearby pen and said into it in my best Scotty Voice, "Computer!" She laughed and pushed me aside and did it for me while I marveled at her speed and skill. (She really was quite good at spinning that stuff and stopping within a day of where she wanted to be.)

Finally I left and was pleased with myself for using antique technology... no, not the microfilm but a minion. Ah yes... it appeals to the Southern in me to have someone else do my work for me while I look on and make approving noises. If only I'd been sipping sweet tea with mint in it while wearing a seersucker suit.
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