Thursday, June 28, 2012

Writing & Me...

Me Writing
Writing... I've been thinking about writing a lot lately. I'm not a great writer. I'm not being self-deprecating here. I've read great writing. I recognize it when I see it. But I like to write. I like to tell stories. The first thing I can remember writing as far as stories go was a story, probably inspired by the China Syndrome as it involved an alien egg found by scientists that when they drilled into it the egg released some sort of acid or something that melted to the center of the earth and everybody blew up. Hey. I was 8. I wasn't good at endings. I'm older now.

I write a letter a day. Not a letter of the alphabet obviously, I mean that I write at least one letter a day. I've been doing it for years. I write blog posts. I write thought pieces. I just sometimes get ideas in my head that I can't get out of my head without writing them. Sometimes there are ideas that I can't formulate aloud but can formulate it if I'm writing. I can't imagine not writing. My style of writing is narrative. Everything's a story. I see stories around me. I see people living their lives as stories. I see my life as a story. I don't see my life as particularly interesting but I think there are interesting things that have happened. I try and make them interesting when I write them. It's hard to tell when I write about myself if I'm capturing the interesting part of it well. It's like going on vacation and taking a picture. Later looking at the picture of something I don't see in my mind's eye just the static photo, but I see my memory of it. I see it with a better sense of scale. I see it as aide-mémoire. So, I'm going to write some stuff, some things I remember and see if there's any reaction, response to the memories for someone who wasn't there and doesn't know the principals.
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