Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parkour really is cool.

This post is mirrored from because I really like the videos, the links, and the info provided and I want to reach biggest audience possible so that means I'm sharing it on both my blogs. I won't make a habit of this. I promise.

Parkour or FreeRunning figures into the book I'm finishing up and getting ready to send to an editor. EEP!

I worry that enough people aren't familiar with what Parkour is. There are several things in the book I'm going to talk about here during the run up to the book coming out. On FreeRunning a video is the best way to talk about it as it's so visual.

Sometimes people participating in Parkour fall. It's not easy. It's super-atheletic. Go read this list of warm up exercises before you hit play on this painful video of failed Parkour attempts. If you're going to do any FreeRunning you need to be fit. Seriously.

And as such it takes practice, training, and the ability to get up when you fall and do it again, and again, and again.

This idea of leaps of faith, of hurling yourself into the void with the confidence that you'll land OK are a big deal in the book. The part where the FreeRunner either catches himself or intentionally falls in a way that he won't get hurt is important to FreeRunning. Not all jumps are meant to end in a catch. A big part of Parkour is knowing how to fall, how to land, how to not get hurt when falling from a great height.

There are classes all over the place, a quick search shows them nearby even if anybody wanted to take a class. I don't recommend anybody try and teach themselves Parkour by watching YouTube videos. It's just not a good idea in real life. Unlike in my book where they manage to do OK with it. To read loads more about it check out American Parkour, a very thorough site I heartily recommend with lots of links to resources.
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