Sunday, September 02, 2012

Aaaand I'm done! :)

I’ve just finished my book, Jump/Drive and am about to do another edit. I’ve done some editing already but the end needed to be fixed so I deleted a giant chunk and re-wrote the ending. It’s better now. Much better.
So, the next step is its publication.
Smashwords is an excellent source of really good priced and well written e-books in a huge variety of formats. I’d love to go there. The problem is that a lot of you have just heard of them for the first time when I just mentioned them. Translation: Lower book sales. But, I’d make more selling it that way AND it would be available in a bigger variety of e-book formats in more countries. Those are both big plusses. The obscurity part is going to hurt me as I’m a first book author. Obscurity is not my friend.
Amazon has a program called Amazon Direct Publishing that allows me to publish exclusively through amazon, get a few days free promotion, hit their free days and get my books in more people’s hands. They’ve got a ton of customers. If I say book, you think amazon. That’s nice. That’s VERY nice. But, they don’t have global distribution and you must have a kindle to read it. What if you want to read it on PDF or on a nook? You can’t if I go Amazon only. That’s a downside. A big downside when I think “I want my book to be easy to find and easy to read on the largest available options.” But it’s amazon. Who doesn’t know where amazon is? But exclusive?
What if amazon turns evil one day and decides they want more of the money or something else. If my book is only there I’m screwed. Sure, it’s not in their best interest to do that but hell, companies do things that limit their customers all the time. Apple’s cheapest laptop with a DVD drive built-in is almost two thousand dollars. That’s stupid, but they did it. What if amazon does something similar?
Hosting it on my own site is an option as well. But really? I’ve got like 30 visitors on a good day and I swear most of them are lost. (Brad Pitt naked pictures) OK, back, sorry. Needed to add some google keywords to draw some readership this way. Boy won’t they be pissed when they get here. Yeah. That’s not helping is it?
So, the good news is the book is written and starting the editing phase of its life. The bad news. I still need a cover and to figure out where/how  I’m going to publish/distribute it.
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