Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Monitor comes in 4 different colors and all four do the same thing. They easily count your steps and wirelessly connect through Bluetooth to your computer or iPhone (Android coming soon I've read.) where your activity levels are uploaded to a website to measure your activity, show your busiest times, and keep track of it for you giving badges/awards for certain levels of activity or milestones reached.

I've had quite a few pedometers in the past and used a lot of them for a while but I do almost everything online. I certainly track things with online tools. MyFitnessPal has been how I've kept track with my weight, food eaten, carbs, etc for months now. My Fitbit will sync up with my MyFitnessPal account and update the information there so I don't have to do it by hand like I do with Runtastic (The app I use on my phone to track my hiking & running.)

One of the surprising things I noticed as soon as I got the Fitbit was how small it was. On the webpage it shows it compared to a cell phone and it looks about half the size of the phone. I was prepared for a large pedometer. Then it arrived and it's TINY. It works in a pocket or clipped to a belt. I've lost them off belts before so I put it in my pocket and it's tiny and remains accurate even in my pocket. I counted today while I was walking and out of the 100 steps I counted it was within 4 steps every time while resting in my jeans' little coin/watch pocket.

The picture I've posted doesn't quite give away how small it is. It's just slightly larger than the quarter and very thin.

I'm very happy with the website and information provided by the fitbit and tonight as I was getting ready to turn in I saw I was near an even multiple of 1,000 and I paced it off in the back yard, walking around until I'd rolled it over so it's helping motivate me to get off my butt and on my feet more. Mission accomplished.
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