Friday, June 07, 2013

Archer? Not yet.

Today I shot bows and experienced physics (Which evidently exists independent of the people experiencing it knowing what it is!) with a friend of mine from High School & her family. Now, this doesn't sound like a big deal except we went to High School in Germany and the base & school are closed now and we're about 4,600 miles from there now in Iowa & South Dakota. We met in a town west of Gayville, South Dakota. Seriously. I know the name of the town in which we met but how could I leave out that there's a town called Gayville in South Dakota?!? I couldn't!

We ate Mexican food for lunch. I'd cunningly timed my arrival around food and then they cunningly bought and then I gauchely forgot to tip. I always pay and I always put it all on my card! But they continued to associate with me so I'm happy. We went to an archery range because @recurveemma is an archer and I don't mean like Green Arrow with the boxing glove arrow I mean she was shooting at a target 70m away from her and hitting it every time. It was amazing to watch. She's doing the whole Olympic Trials thing and is seriously good. She gave me pointers and tips. You know what. Here, let's see some pictures first okay?

 Of course the photos are out of order. Here's me shooting a long bow at 35 somethings. It was either yards or meters. The weather was perfect. There was just enough wind so that any wild shots could be blamed on the wind and any good shots could be attributed to my mad skills and the excellente tutelage I was getting from the two actual archers. What you can't see in this picture is the forearm protector leather wrist guard thing that I borrowed from Kevin (along with the bow) was almost lapped over itself because while he HAS arms with muscles I have arms with bones in.

We started shooting indoors and here's Emma politely NOT saying, that my arm is too high or that my hips are thrust forward like I'm trying to hump the target rather than shoot it. I did have that pointed out to me by Olympian Lee Ford via twitter so there's a brush with greatness in addition to Michelle's cool family.

Here are the three of us, Tristan, Emma, and myself (left to right) preparing to do battle against the hordes of targets that were advancing on us!

It was good to see Michelle again after too many years and to get to meet her family. I liked all of them and wish they lived closer. I'd shoot with them, or game with them any time and count it as time well spent.

I sincerely hope Emma's new training program is helpful to her and if it's not I don't know why it wouldn't be? "If you can dodge a wrench you can shoot in the wind" seems like good advice to me!

I've got the bug now and I want a bow lol.
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