Thursday, June 13, 2013

Food Experiment Part 1

Today I went shopping and tried to buy a week's worth of healthy food. My definition of healthy is Atkins Diet friendly. That means low carb, high fiber and preferably nutrition dense with a wide variety of healthy stuff in it.

I wound up spending a lot more than I thought I should on it all but I intend to eat on it for a week and nothing else. (I'll include the shopping list at the end. It's the least interesting thing in the post.)

I'd intended to keep the receipt and give a cost breakdown of each meal. I accidentally threw it away and then it wound up with erm... stuff all over it. Next time.

This was tonight's dinner/supper (depending on where you're from) and I couldn't finish it all. I saved half of the burger and Colby-Jack cheese back for tomorrow. What follows is the nutritional breakdown.  You can't see the Chia seeds that I added to my 12oz glass of water (in which I'd dropped cucumber slices earlier in the day with some ice and put in the fridge to infuse the cucumber flavor through out. SUPER refreshing. It actually FEELS wetter).

Total Calories: 705
Total Fat: 55
Total Protein 63
Total Carbs 18 (Brussels Sprouts were the worst offenders at 4 net carbs)
Total Fiber 9
Net Carbs 9 (Total Carbs - Total Fiber)

Okay, so what'd I get with my $61?

1 head of cabbage
1 onion
6 roma tomatoes
1 pint cherry tomatoes
2 zucchini
2 cucumbers
3lbs lean ground beef
1 lb bacon (thick cut)
cheapest olive oil they had
1 lb coffee (cheap stuff from Folgers)
3 peppers (green, yellow, & red)
1 box of mushrooms
1 dozen eggs
3 cans of white tuna
lots of green beans like a gallon ziplock of them (fresh)
a gallon bag of brussels sprouts

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