Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ducky Dynasty. Gays. Opinions. A&E. I'm all over the place with this one.

The Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said things that has the LGBT community all up in arms.
A&E in response chucked him off the show for a while.
Everybody's outraged about something.

1) I'm ticked at A&E for making a ton of money off DD and acting all surprised when they found out this guy whose schtick is to be a conservative redneck espouses and verbalizes an opinion that is conservative and bible based (to his way of thinking.)
2) I'm ticked at the professional-offendees who I swear to God have NEVER watched the show or they'd KNOW he believed something like that from the first minute he opened his damned mouth. C'mon people. Why are you acting surprised? Don't be. You're not that stupid.
3) I'm ticked at all this social media rending of the clothes and putting ashes in the hair wailing about how they'll NEVER watch the show again... oh, bullshit. You never watched it in the first place. Shut up and sit down. You're annoying.

Me? I never watched the show. It looked like a show about rich rednecks pretending not to be rich rednecks so poor rednecks would buy their crap and make them richer rednecks. Not my thing. For what it's worth, it works. I see poor lazy rednecks these hard working conservative sons of bitches wouldn't give the time of day to buying their crap all day long at work.

But I think the guy should be allowed to speak his mind whenever he wants. How are we going to know who the assholes are if we don't let them show their ass-holery by talking? How would we know who to avoid? Vote with your dollars but don't act like his words hurt you. So, he thinks us gays are the same as terrorists and he can't figure out how dudes get it on because a vagina's more interesting? *shrug* Won't keep me up nights. I wonder if he likes lesbians. That's TWO vaginas slapping together in some sort of scissorfest of God knows how THAT works... no clue. Something tells me there's attachments involved or yoga, or hell, I don't know.

I'm a gay and seriously. I don't need the media, the LGBT community, liberal watch-dog groups, or any other professional-offendee running around talking about how hurt I am by this guy's opinion. Hell. I've got opinions that would offend if people got to know me well enough to find out what they are. *shrug* I don't particularly CARE if you're offended. You'll get over it. If you don't well... you probably won't die from me having a different opinion from you. If you do. Wow. Sucks to be you.

We're reaching a point I hate. Can't pick on the precious little super-sensitive gays or you're a gay hater. Can't talk about anybody any more without being some kind of -ist. That's bullshit. I talk about people all the time. Sometimes I even mention someone is black. Not kidding. I've said it. Sometimes it's pertinent. If it's not I leave it out. It doesn't make me a racist. It means I'm not blind. I'm pretty sure I'm described as white when the need arises to distinguish me from other people.

It doesn't make me a racist to recognize a person's color. It would make me a racist if I treated them differently because of their color. It would make me racist if I expected less out of a person because of their race. If I make a joke about a person and that joke is ONLY about their race... that's pretty racist. If I keep doing it, yeah. That's racist. If it happens once it's in bad taste but I don't think it's enough to add that ever important -ist on there.

So, when the DD guy says he saw black people being happy, that was his world view. You can't fault a guy for what he remembers. I grew up in the 70s in Alabama. I don't remember ANY racial tension. My memories of the time would be that there was no racial tension in the 70s in Southern Alabama. I suspect if I were famous and on a TV interview and said we all got along great and everybody was happy I'd be named a racist. I'm not. I just didn't see anything else at the time. Not really.

So, dear LGBT professional-offendees who seriously, are we to believe you've watched the show and your boycott means anything? Get over yourselves. You're annoying. You don't speak for me. You don't even KIND of speak for me. If I get offended I'll say so. Right now I'm offended you think I'm a delicate little flower that can't handle some bearded redneck asshole saying he thinks gay sex is a sin and that it's gross and a vagina is better. That's not offensive. What's offensive is acting like I need your protection. I don't. When I get offended I'll tell you, like I am now, that you're acting like jerks and you should shut the eff up and stop speaking for me. You don't. You never have and if you keep this crap up you never will.

We're called gay. That means happy. Start laughing at people who say things annoying instead of running crying to the boycott drama because seriously. Who cares if you boycott. I could do with a lot less of your whining cry-baby assed opinions anyway. Oh boo-hoo... he said gay sex was a sin! No shit. You've never heard that before? STFU. You have to. Get over yourselves. Lighten up. Laugh a little. BE Gay for crying out loud. You're the least gay gays I've ever had the miserable experience of listening to.
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