Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Review: The Cestus Concern by Mat Nastos

The Cestus Concern, by +Mat Nastos is one really really long fight. It starts with a bang and never lets up, like ever.

I realized, upon reading the end notes, that the idea started out as a pitch to a comic guy and that does nothing to detract from my enjoyment of the book but it does clarify the pacing to me. It's fast... really fast... Dan Brown with liquid metal armed protagonist fighting government agents in black helicopters fast. I'm not giving anything away that isn't on the cover here.

It was a fast read and a fun read. There wasn't an awful lot of character development but that's for later. This is the first book. This one... you know what it felt like? It felt like a buddy cop movie. It had that feel to it. Zuz, the side-kick and the poor car. It really felt like a buddy cop movie with the funny bits where they were and how they were delivered.

For the record, there were two women in the book. They did not talk about their boyfriends with each other and they both were bad axes (you know what I mean... I'm keeping it clean for the kiddies.)
If you like comic book action with buddy cop humor this is the book for you. Me? I really liked it. I enjoyed the heck out of it.
Trivia: Not really trivia, just name fun. I like when authors do something smart with the names. Cestus for example, is a real word. It's not Festus messed up. It's a type of glove worn in battle. Very much like what we see here on the cover. One of the women in the book has a name that has a meaning as well, an ancient greek myth reference in the name. It's clever and smart and cool when it's done well. In this book it's done well. Not overdone and not everywhere, but enough to keep the mind thinking in amongst all the fights and explosions. :)
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