Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carb Creep during my Quit.

I quit smoking back in October and mostly stayed close to my diet during that time but allowed myself to go off it to avoid smoking. If I'm dying for a cigarette and can get myself through it without smoking by eating a wedding cake? Well... Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Nothing that extreme. But I was eating the flavored oatmeals in the morning for breakfast, not healthy. I had chips in the house, granted they were tostitos and I dipped them in salsa and didn't eat a lot at once but still.... not good.

So, tonight I went shopping after work and bought frozen vegetables. I want fresh but I can't afford fresh and if I don't eat it right away it spoils so fresh isn't practical for me right now. I also bought some chicken. I'd intended to buy tilapia but all the tilapia was farm raised in China and I'm not in favor of that because I'm not sure if the farm-raised in China is fed feces or not. I've read reports that they were and the idea isn't one I'm crazy about. I'd rather not thanks all the same. So, I skipped the tilapia. I'll shop for it elsewhere.

The main thing was I got healthy stuff. Forty dollars in frozen vegetables, meat, cheese, and two dozen eggs is an awful lot of food. Total net carbs of entire purchase is probably less than the average american will eat in a day... and I'll eat this over the next week or so as I try and refocus on taking care of myself as well as not smoking which honestly was the primary concern for the past few months.

As I put away the groceries I de-carbed the house. The exception is I didn't throw away the instant oatmeal. I may need it later if I'm starving to death or something. I just can't get myself to throw it away. It's food man! You don't throw away food. Chips I can throw away. Fig Newtons I can... there may even have been some old chocolate chip cookies. I'll neither confirm nor deny. But there aren't any more!!! The oatmeal I was eating has been replaced with the steel cut oats and they're delicious and seem blood sugar and weight loss friendly so far.

Wish me luck. I'll try not to bore you too terribly much with talk about my diet. But I'm gonna. I know I will. I get a little obsessive when I'm doing something.
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