Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Steel cut oats vs rolled oats vs instant oatmeal

My mom suggested I try steel cut oats for breakfast. I've been eating instant oats. The ones on the right of this picture, mostly they look destroyed. In the middle are the rolled oats that I always intend to eat but seriously... they take too long so I would wind up eating the ones on the right.

Then mom said "get the steel cut oats. DO IT! I AM YOUR MOTHER OBEY ME OR ELSE!!!" (I may have dramaticizerated that last bit.) They take longer, much longer to cook than either the instant oats (minute) or the rolled oats (10 minutes). The steel cut oats cook all night. Kind of.

Steel cut oats are hard little oat nuggets. I put a cup of them into three cups of boiling water with salt in it, let it come back to a boil and almost boil over. I turned it off and took it off the heat, stirred again, put a lid on it and then, before I went to bed I stirred it one more time and put the lid back on it. I left it on the stove and this morning when I woke up they were ready to eat. I had a bowl. I nuke it with some splenda, butter, and cinnamon and it was good. It was as fast as the instant oats. The texture was much better than the instant oats which always seem a little pre-digested to me when I eat them. The steel cut oats need chewing whereas the instant oats feel like they'd just slimily slide down my throat if I tipped my head back like a baby bird. It might be in my head but I think the steel cut oats are a little "nutty" tasting maybe? A hint of it? I could be imagining it as a texture induced taste hallucination. I'll eat them more and know better but for now? They're better tasting and better for me than either the instant oatmeal or the rolled oats.

So, I'm trying steel cut oats for breakfast for a while as part of my blood sugar & weight management plan that is based on Atkins but has some things added... like this steel cut oatmeal breakfast.

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